Once again, we are listening for the best way to continue to offer the medicine of Sacred Fire in a good way. Because we can open up the doors to the Council House and vaccination rates are high, we are ready and excited to safely open our monthly fires to more people. For practical reasons, we ask you to reserve your seat via eventbrite, but there is more availability – up to 24 people per monthly fire – and more capacity for special events. Reservations are required for each person coming.

We look forward to being together with the support of Fire and discover common human heart.

  • After signing up via Eventbrite, your seat will be confirmed via email along with address and directions. Please check your junk mail for confirmation from eventbrite or
  • We do not require physical distancing and masks will be optional. If you prefer to sit 6 feet apart, please contact the firekeeper and we will make arrangements to accommodate you — so all can feel safe, welcome, and receive the benefits of fire and community. 
  • We hold a space free of drugs and alcohol .

  • Cost: There is no specific fee for our regular monthly fires (community/men’s/women’s),. However, offering exchange via donations to our Sacred Fire Asheville Community Fund is welcome via cash placed in the ” fire gourd”on site, check made to Lisa Lichtig or via PayPal – please use friends and family. This helps cover expenses incurred to host these events. We also welcome volunteers.

  • Volunteers: There are many ways to help out and contribute to these offerings whether its help with set up, clean up, taking photos, proof reading the newsletter, offering transportation. Helping out is one of the ways we come together in common purpose and get to know eachother.

  • Contact our Firekeepers: Lisa Lichtig or Patrick Hanaway if you have questions or want to lend a hand. 828.768.3302 or 828.713.1553 or


  • Clothing to support you being outside, including a headlamp.
  • Stories, poems, songs, jokes, questions, feelings , and concerns to share around the fire.
  • Friends, family, or children who would like to join us.
  • Exchange – A donation to our community fund (there are no fees charged though we rely on donations to help sustain basic expenses to offer these fires. Suggestion $5 – 20.
  • Openness, honesty, vulnerability.


  • If you are sick with COVID-19, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, it is important to stay home and away from other people until it is safe to be around others.
  • At all of our community events, rest assured the firekeeper or host will walk you through a process to ensure we enjoy our time together and prioritize everyone’s safety. 


As human beings, we have gathered around fire for millennia for its light and warmth, to cook our food, to share our lives, tell our stories, and connect.  Our monthly fires are a time each month to gather around the fire in all our diversity and humanity and see what unfolds with the support of Sacred Fire. The mystery of this process is ‘unscripted’, providing stimulation, learning opportunities, transformation and nourishment.

Monthly fires are held by an initiated firekeeper, a life-long volunteer committed to learning from fire, offering Sacred Fire and gathering community. They are trained and receive continuing education in the time-honored principles of Fire Work-how to expand and enrich our relationships through the connective and transformative power of Fire. Monthly fires provide a space to begin connecting with one another, nature and the world around us; a place to begin to dig a little deeper, discover and express what really matters; a place to experience the spiritual presence of Fire, externally and within.
Come with your concerns or questions, your play, your songs, your stories, your gifts, your laughter, your tears, your presence or your silence.   Each fire has a different flavor or spirit that is created by the ingredients of the world around us, nature, and the people who participate that evening.

Community Fire – 7:30 pm  til ~ 11 pm.  Generally the 2nd Saturday of each month, unless stated otherwise. You are welcome to arrive 6:00-7:30 pm and walk the land or bring your own picnic dinner. Use trails at your own risk.

Each month we have a place and a way to burn away fear and worn-out patterns, allowing us a fresh start to rebuild life-sustaining connections. Something inexplicable happens.

Monthly Community Fires offer an inclusive space where all ages of people regardless of tradition, political persuasion, or walk of life can gather in an atmosphere of genuine respect to experience the gifts of Fire and community.

Women’s Fire (generally on the New Moon) – 7:30 pm til ~ 10 pm (arrive early to walk on the land or help with set up). 

Sustain your connection to the feminine in your daily life. Held monthly, women’s fires create a space for us to explore being women. It’s valuable for us to come together and nurture ourselves and each other with the support of sacred fire and in the presence and reflection of other women. Being together in this way can be both nourishing and transformative. When women take time to connect with each other, we, our friends and family and the world we live in all benefit.

We come together with respect, compassion, understanding and honest exploration. Bring your feelings, experiences, stories, challenges, songs and/or simply bring your presence. Feel free to invite other women to join us.

Monthly Men’s Fire ( Generally – Last Thursday @ month) – 7:30 pm til ~ 10 pm. 

How do we support each other in our quest to be of service to our families and community? What are our emotions really telling us?
Come and be with us, around the fire, as we discover what it means to connect in a deeper way man-to-man.

Read more about Lifeways Men’s and Women’s retreats offered through Sacred Fire whose wisdom ways  are supported through our local monthly men’s and women’s fires. 


Tuesday, July 6, 2021: 8:30 – 10:30 pm: A Summer Evening Under the Stars with Olivia Woodford. If there are clouds/rain we’ll reschedule for Thursday, July 8. Register via Eventbrite. Read More

Sunday, May 30, 2021: 6:00 – 8:00 pm: Digesting Fire Speaks – A special fire to digest the teachings and experience during Fire Speaks.    Contact Lisa Lichtig for more information or to help out. ‭(828) 768-3302,

Saturday, May 29, 2021: 2 pm – Midnight: Fire Speaks – A special audience with Grandfather Fire. Registration required. Contact Linda Azar for more information or to help out. ‭(828) 768-9196, Read More

All of these events are held at Sacred Fire Council House which rests on the home and land of our firekeepers and the Ancestors who came before them. Please be respectful. There is no fee charged for many of these offerings, unless specifically stated in the special event details. Donations, however, are gratefully accepted in exchange and offset the expenses of hosting.