Virtual Fires

Discover, Connect, Renew with the support of Sacred Fire and each other.

Online Fires are for those who are not able to join us in person, want to get a taste before coming in person or those who attend in person regularly but looking for further connection. Renew and nourish heart connection with yourself, others, and the world.

Whether you speak, sing, share or listen, Sacred Fire helps us drop into our heart, feel what is present and digest the experience of being alive in the presence of others. May this be nourishing and help us move forward in life in a good way. You are invited to join us.



  • Please light a candle or fire 🔥.
  • We recommend you join us from a quiet place without distractions.
  • You’ll be in the waiting room until the Firekeeper admits you.
  • Your firekeeper will offer an introduction to help deepen our virtual connection and hold the space for our time together.
  • The Fire will last around 2 hours depending on the energy of the group.
  • You may leave at anytime.
  • Cost – free though donations to the Sacred Fire Asheville Community Fund are welcome to cover expenses incurred. Suggested donation $5. Paypal –, OR click here. Be sure to uncheck the “Paying for goods or a service” box, because we are friends and family.
  • To learn more about Sacred Fire – Sign up for the Firestarter Kit .
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See you soon.

Warmly, Lisa and Patrick, your firekeepers

Things to remember about using ZOOM

  • Ideal – Be spacious, respectful and forgiving of yourself and others as we discover another way to connect. Use video if you have good internet connection. If internet is slow use the dial in link.
  • Views – There are two views in zoom. Gallery – you can see everyone on the call. Speaker– you can see the person speaking up close.
  • Raise your hand and muting – Its most effective for everyone’s experience to mute yourself and use the “raise your hand” button in the participants section of the tool bar when you want to speak.
  • Sharing – There will be time to share stories, concerns, poetry, jokes, vulnerability, questions, songs, expressions of heart or just listen in the presence of others. Without censoring yourself, please bring awareness to what feels essential from your heart to share while creating time and space for others.

Sacred Fire’s responds to the isolation and separation being asked of humanity during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering Ignite! Heart Stories from Sacred Fire.  These small stories of heart bring comfort, connection and new awareness in these times.  Subscribe Here. When the tumult has settled, and people are gathering in groups once again, Ignite! will yield to Sacred Fire’s regular newsletter, Around the Fire, with its inspiring feature articles, profiles and events calendar.