Huichol Art Project

Let us support people who have so graciously and generously shared their precious traditions with us!

Huichol Art will be for sale at the Sacred Fire Council House at our special events. We accept cash, check made to Huichol Art Project or paypal

The Huichol Art Project was founded by Blue Deer Center to actively support the Huichols by creating markets for their artwork to be sold at a fair market price. Their artwork is imbued with beauty and knowledge; a thread of connection to the wisdom of the past along with the seeds of the future. In the rugged Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, the Huichol people live as they have for thousands of generations, in communion with nature and each other. Never conquered by outsiders, their sacred traditions and connections remain intact. 

We can help support the Huichols simply by making a purchase of their beautiful, traditional, hand-made art and receive the beauty and energy their work provides! “For the Huichol people in the Sierras times are critically difficult. At this point the Huichols report that they don’t have enough food in the village- it’s a very, very difficult time. The money raised will go towards purchasing more Huichol art directly from the people as soon as we can send a buying team to the village. “ from The Huichol Art Council of Blue Deer Center.

Aside from administrative expenses all proceeds go directly back to the artists themselves. The project is supported by volunteers, in six countries on three continents. At Sacred Fire Asheville we offer Huichol Art during the winter holiday season and also at various special events.

Enjoy these beautiful photos when artists from San Andres Cohamiata and surrounding hamlets in the Sierra homelands had opportunities to sell their art.