Huichol Art Project

Help Preserve an Ancient Medicine Tradition.

Let us support people who so graciously and generously share their precious traditions with us!

Huichol Art is for sale at the Sacred Fire Council House or in the Firekeepers home. Payment can be made by cash or check to Huichol Art Project and we also can process credit cards via square.

You can also give directly to the Wixárika people through this GO FUND ME

The Huichol Art Project was founded by Blue Deer Center , a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, to actively support the Huichols (more traditionally known as Wixárika – pronounced Wvee – ra- rika) by creating markets for their artwork to be sold at a fair market price. The Project generally makes two to three trips to the Wixárika homelands each year to purchase directly from the artists however Covid and the dangers of the Mexican Cartels put a stop to the projects travel. In September 2022 a small group of representatives were able to travel to the homelands for the first time in several years with the support of the Mexican National Guard and regional police who safely escorted them at the behest of the Traditional Wixárika Government. The Elders and people from San Andrés Cohamiata were extraordinarily grateful that we were able to return and make purchases that literally puts food on their table. They are committed to continue relationship with us all and send you home with some art to benefit and inspire your life.

Their artwork is imbued with beauty and knowledge; a thread of connection to the wisdom of the past along with the seeds of the future. In the rugged Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, the Wixárika people live as they have for thousands of generations, in communion with nature and each other. Never conquered by outsiders, their sacred traditions and connections remain intact.

The Wixárika have generously shared their fire offerings with Sacred Fire Firekeepers to help modern people nourish their heart and relationship with ourselves, each other and the living world as a sacred expression through connection with Grandfather Fire – the wise and loving teacher of humans. They also recognize that some people outside of their culture have been invaded by their Gods or called to apprentice and become initiated at Mara’akames ( or Shamans) in their traditional ways and medicine in order to bring balance to the world and help people. Some of these western Mara’akate (pl) also participate in and support Sacred Fire.

We can help support the Wixárika simply by making a purchase of their beautiful, traditional, hand-made art and receive the beauty and energy their work provides! For the Wixárika people in the Sierras times are critically difficult. The money raised goes towards purchasing more art directly from the people. This enables many families to remain in their homeland and maintain their lifeways.  

Aside from administrative expenses all proceeds go directly back to the artists themselves. The project is supported by volunteers, in six countries on three continents. At Sacred Fire Asheville we offer Huichol Art during the winter holiday season and also at various special events. Contact Linda Azar, our local coordinator, if have questions or would like to help or volunteer –

Enjoy these beautiful photos when artists from San Andres Cohamiata and surrounding hamlets in the Sierra homelands had opportunities to sell their art.