Community Fires

As human beings, we have gathered around fire for millennia for its light and warmth, to cook our food, to share our lives, tell our stories, and connect.  Our community fires are a time each month to gather around the fire in all our diversity and humanity and see what unfolds with the support of Sacred Fire. The mystery of this process is ‘unscripted’, providing stimulation, learning opportunities, transformation and nourishment.

The community fires are held by an initiated firekeeper, a person with a life-long commitment to learning from fire, offering Sacred Fire and gathering community. These fires provide a space to begin connecting with one another, nature and the world around us; a place to begin to dig a little deeper and express what is really important to us; a place to experience the spiritual presence of Fire, externally and within.

Come with your concerns or questions, your play, your songs, your stories, your gifts, your laughter, your tears, your presence and your silence.   Each community fire has a different flavor or spirit that is created by the ingredients of the world around us, nature, and the people who participate that evening.

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REGISTRATION REQUIRED VIA EVENTBRITE : Currently, we can safely host 10 “pods” of up to 2 people/pod with chairs 4 – 6′ apart. If you want to sit close with someone, please sign up for a SEAT TICKET for yourself and “ADD ON” a “PLUS ONE” ticket. If you are bringing your children – feel free to increase your pod size > 2. We have back jacks to put on the ground for the children.

  • We ask you to wear masks when you arrive. Once seated you are free to remove your mask if you choose.
  • We have some blankets on site but please bring what you need for your own comfort.
  • Our fires are drug and alcohol – free – except for an occasional toast.

HELP with SET-UP: We always need 2-3 people to arrive 30 minutes early and help set up.  Will you help this month?  Contact Lisa our firekeeper – or (828) 768-3302. 

How you can help:
1. Bring a friend.
2. Come early and help prepare the Council House.
3. Stack/split wood or collect kindling.
4. Welcome people and engage the children.
5. Assist firekeepers with outreach, website, facebook, mailing lists.
6. With permission, take photos to use in our newsletter.

COST: While listed as a free event, donations even as small as $5 are really helpful. Funds collected help offset the expenses involved in hosting monthly fires and events. Suggested donation of $5 – $20 can be made in onsite in the “fire gourd” or via paypal. Be sure to uncheck the “Paying for goods or a service” box, because we are friends and family. Thank-you for your generosity❣️

VENUE: You will be coming to the land and Sacred Fire Council house where we live. Please respect that this is our home. Drive slowly on the road into our neighborhood. With the great blessing of the Council House, we gather rain or shine.

DIRECTIONS & PARKING: directions will be in your confirmation letter from Eventbrite. If there are any modifications to the parking instructions, you will receive them in an email reminder before the event. Please check your junk mail for your ticket confirmation.

IMMERSE in NATURE: As always, you are welcome to arrive early and immerse yourself in nature along 2 miles of trails and river (walk at your own risk). Maps are in the box at the large wood shed near the parking area. 

CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so ASAP via so that the next person on the waiting list can have an opportunity to participate.

Go to the Eventbrite confirmation email.

  • Click on “View event details”.
  • On that page, in the upper right corner, there is a little icon that looks like maybe a little person: click on that and you’ll see your name, etc.
  • Click on the “Tickets”, and you can choose “Cancel Order”.

WEATHER: We gather rain or shine. 

Thanks for your care.

Media Disclaimer: We periodically take photographs at our events for outreach purposes. Our media volunteers are respectful.  Please let the firekeeper or event host know if you do not feel comfortable with photos.  When you register for an event, you agree to your photograph being used in our materials, unless you inform the host or Firekeeper otherwise before the event begins.