Winter Solstice Ceremony and Celebration

AnchorWinter Solstice Ceremony with
Sacred Fire, Healing Music, Community Nourishment
Friday, December 21,  5 pm – 9 pm
Arrive by Sunset
This winter solstice we invite community to come together at sunset for a special fire and ceremony. We’ll honor and experience this natural turning point to the return of the sun by going inward with the support of Sacred Fire, Healing Music w Scott Sheerin and each other’s presence.
We’ll consecrate the fire together at sunset and then share quiet time together and go inward.
  • If you choose, write a list of what you want to let go of from this year. Once this feels complete you will place it in the Sacred Fire.
    • Please bring something to write with and write on.
Afterwards, we will gather together in our home for a festive and nourishing time sharing a simple meal of soup, hot chocolate and cider.
  • Bring music, songs and stories to share after our feast in our home.
We’ll need your help
  • 6 people to bring soup,
  • 2 people to bring beverages
  • 2 people to set up the council house
  • 2 people to help in the kitchen.

Suggested donation:  $ 5-20 for our musician and the hearth.

RSVP to Lisa via or (828)768-3302 so we know approximately how many people to nourish.  Please also let her know if you can bring soup, beverage or help set up.

Scott Sheerin is a healer and musician. Scott’s deep interest in healing and the spiritual dimensions of music have led him to a long apprenticeship in learning the ways of music as prayer and music as medicine. He works as a traditional healer or Mara’kame, initiated with the blessings of the Huichol ancestors and lives here on the knoll with his wife Prema Sheerin and dog, Smokey.

Many hands make lighter work.